A Treatise on 2nd Amendment Rights in the 21st Century is the result of research and analysis intended to answer one primary question: Has there been a shift away from the Constitution in regards to the powers of the government and rights of the people, creating an increasing threat of government tyranny and oppression, while subsequently restricting and prohibiting the right of the people to keep and bear arms through perceptual manipulation and circumvention?

The Second Amendment, and the subsequent gun control debate, has now succumbed to the most polarized extremist ideologies since slavery. At its current pace, it will continue to follow the same path. These ideologies are fueled by the conflicting fears of government tyranny and domestic terrorism, along with a renewed sense of religious conflict. Many people follow one or the other of these extremist ideologies on pure emotion, without ever questioning facts or sound logic.

A Treatise on 2nd Amendment Rights in the 21st Century goes beyond the prevalent extremist bias and is a logic based pursuit of the facts in a fair, balanced and yet often comical read that anyone can relate to. The scope of the Second Amendment right is evaluated from three intertwined perspectives; the evolution of the right itself, the actual need to have the right as evaluated through changes in scope of the militia and the military, and the people’s perceptions of the right as a result of both legislation and the media. Part I is broken down by a chronological history of the evolution of the right and the subsequent legislation and events which have dramatically affected the right. Part II covers the concept of insurrection, religion and the media in relation to the Second Amendment right along with an evaluation of specific points of issue and major players in the current gun control debate. The conclusion offers a logic based framework for gun legislation policies going forward.

A Treatise on 2nd Amendment Rights in the 21st Century is a pilgrimage down a path towards the heart of the Second Amendment right and it is a journey “we the people” are long overdue to take. Should you wish to embark on such a journey, the map is now in your hands.

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